Our Learning Environment

Using the Creative Curriculum as our model, Cross Road lays a foundation for your child’s lifelong education, providing our students with enhanced life, learning and communication skills to take with them as they continue to elementary school and beyond.

Classroom Set-up

Your child’s classroom is arranged by interest areas, including table toys, blocks and other manipulatives, books, dramatic play and sensory stations for sand, water and other

The classroom is arranged this way for two important reasons:

1. It helps children decide where they want to play and which material they want to select, fostering independence and self-confidence.

2. It provides smaller, well-defined spaces that appeal to younger children, helping them feel secure in their classroom. In this type of learning environment, children can move at their own pace, learn to make age-appropriate choices and experience success as they use a wide variety of learning materials.

Located in each classroom, you will also find a weekly lesson plan, detailing how your child will spend their week. Activities and projects are usually planned around a central weekly theme—Outer Space, Nature, etc.— and are supported with lessons on a specific letter and/or number each week.

Many projects will be displayed in your child’s classroom briefly and then put in a folder to be sent home. Certain projects will stay with your child’s teacher to be incorporated into a year- end portfolio, which parents will receive before the start of the new school year