From Outer Space to Pirates!

Hi everyone!

This week, we celebrated Outer Space week at Cross Road!

Mr. Joel’s class made their own planets, which they hung as nametags on their cubbies. Check them out in the hallway! They also spruced up their new classroom this week with hanging planet mobiles, “S” is for Star projects and toilet paper roll rocket ships.

Ms. Bethany’s class read a book called “Stars!” and made twinkle stars out of glitter. You can see them hanging on the bulletin board!


They also pretended to be astronauts…


…it was so much fun!

Today, they read a story about the moon and painted their very own.

Ms. Debbie and Ms. Bethany’s class  class made aliens….


And made their own stars & planets


They also made their very own telescopes!


Next week is Pirate Week!



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